My Bass Practice Setup

In this post, I want to share my ultimate bass practice setup. While it might not suit everyone, I hope it can offer some useful insights.

I’ve found that using headphones is perfect for learning and practicing songs, allowing me to focus on individual instruments. My go-to choice is the Boss Waza-air Bass headphones. These over-ear headphones offer wireless connectivity through a transmitter. They come with amp and effect modeling, Bluetooth audio streaming, and can be controlled via an iPhone or Android app.

What makes the Waza-air stand out is its cable-free design. This seemingly small feature makes a huge difference, providing me with a sense of freedom and flexibility during practice.

Here’s how my practice routine begins: I wirelessly connect my bass to the Waza-air headphones by plugging in the transmitter. Then, I play along with a custom practice playlist I’ve created. Using my iPhone, paired with the headphones via Bluetooth, I access the playlist. I specifically tailored this playlist for practice, using live and rehearsal recordings from my band. To create it, I edit these recordings in Logic Pro X and the Moises app.

My band includes two vocalists, two guitarists, myself on bass, and a drummer. I record all our rehearsals and gigs using my Zoom H2N recorder. To create practice tracks, I take one of these recordings, edit it down to individual songs in Logic Pro X, and export each as a WAV file. In Moises, I separate the components into different WAV files: click track, drums, bass, vocals, and other instruments (including guitars). These files are then mixed in Logic, excluding the bass. I load this mix into Moises for final mastering. After processing all the songs, I convert them to MP3 and import them into Apple Music as a playlist. This way, they can be easily added to the Music app on my iPhone and iPad.

Initially, creating these practice tracks involved some trial and error. However, now that I have a streamlined system, it’s much quicker and easier. This setup has significantly enhanced my practice routine, and I highly recommend the Waza-air Bass headphones and the Moises app to anyone looking to elevate their practice experience.

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