Bass micro cube RX

Roland micro cube bass rx

I keep my Roland bass micro cube RX by the side of my desk with a bass always within reach ready to plug in.

This diminutive bass practice amplifier delivers very convincing and inspiring big amp sounds at living room levels thanks to the COSM modelling. My favourite emulation is the fliptop setting which imitates an Ampeg B15. The the built in tuner, digital fx, and preset drum machine are all worthwhile additions to the feature set.

top of micro cube bass rx

The bass micro cube RX can be powered from the included mains power supply or with six AA batteries. When off the grid, I use eneloop rechargable batteries and they last for several hours depending on the volume — but certainly long enough for a jam session or gig.

In adition to using this amp for home practice, I have found this amplifier to be perfect for using with my Kala UBass or NS-design CR5M when jamming with unamplified acoustic instruments. In this setting it is loud enough to keep up with even the liveliest strummers and percussionists.

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