Cobalt flatwounds

I love the feel of flatwound strings and the deep punchy tone they give, however on my Epiphone vintage pro Thunderbird basses I wanted to use strings with a brighter tone than the flatwounds I normally use.

After trying a few different sets I have settled on Ernie Ball Extra Slinkly Cobalt flatwounds (40 60 70 95).

These are the lightest set in the range, but six different sets are available including a five string set:

All sets are standard long (34″) scale. These Cobalt flatwound strings are very smooth and the extra slinky sets I have feel more flexible than other flatwounds, and give a tone with more treble and high mids. I would describe the tone as being similar to that of slightly played-in roundwounds.

Like other flatwounds they are very long lasting, and surprisingly the sets I have on my basses have kept their bright tone for nearly a year so far.

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